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TwoDay Method IPhone App

The TwoDay Method® iPhone app is the easiest way to use the TwoDay Method. In fact, this patent-pending technology is the first and only app based on this proven effective and simple method. The app can be updated at any time and will immediately let you know whether or not you are fertile today based on whether you observed secretions yesterday or today.

The 2Day iPhone app also stores your cycle history, and it allows you to take notes, so it can be used as a complete fertility management tool. This natural family planning app makes it easier than ever to plan or prevent pregnancy using your individual information.

What are women saying?

“Every single woman should be aware of this information. Brilliant solution.”

“I had been using your CycleBeads app, but after planning and then having my first child, my cycles got a lot shorter and I was no longer in the right range. I am so thrilled you have a natural family planning app that will work for me.”

“When I looked up ‘fertility app iPhone’ there were a lot of choices, but all I wanted was something simple that works. I finally found it with the 2Day app!”