How To Use The TwoDay Method

The TwoDay Method® identifies the fertile days in a woman’s cycle by using the presence or absence of secretions as an indicator of fertility. A woman’s body produces secretions that can be seen and felt on days when she is fertile.

To use the TwoDay Method, a woman checks for secretions each day at least twice a day.

  • “Secretions” are anything that a woman perceives as coming from her vagina other than menstrual bleeding.
  • After her period, a woman may experience a few days without secretions. Then secretions begin to appear in very small amounts. As days go by, the amount of secretions increases. Several days with secretions are followed by several days without secretions. Then her period returns. This happens every month.
  • If a woman does NOT observe secretions TODAY AND YESTERDAY, then pregnancy is unlikely.
  • If secretions are present either TODAY or YESTERDAY, then pregnancy is possible. To avoid pregnancy, a woman should not have unprotected intercourse on these days.
  • A woman may feel moisture at the opening of her vagina or see secretions on toilet paper, her underpants or her fingers.
  • Secretions generally start a few days after a woman’s period stops. Once secretions start, they continue for several days in a row followed by days without secretions.

The TwoDay Method iPhone app tracks your responses to a simple question. Did you observe secretions TODAY? It will determine your fertility status based on how you answered that question YESTERDAY as well as TODAY. If you responded YES either TODAY or YESTERDAY, then you are on a day when you are potentially fertile and pregnancy is possible.