Two Day Method – Overview

What Is The TwoDay Method®?

The TwoDay Method® is a fertility awareness-based method of family planning that uses cervical secretions to indicate fertility. A woman using the TwoDay Method checks for cervical secretions at least twice a day to determine if she is fertile. If she notices secretions of any type, color, or consistency either “TODAY” or “YESTERDAY” she considers herself fertile. The TwoDay Method iPhone app makes it easy to track this information and use this family planning method.

How Does The TwoDay Method Work?

The TwoDay Method identifies the fertile days in a woman’s cycle by using the presence or absence of secretions as an indicator of fertility. A woman’s body produces secretions on days when she is fertile. Cervical secretions are a FACTOR of fertility and are necessary for a woman to be fertile. Secretions facilitate the fertilization process: they nourish the sperm and help its navigation towards the uterus to fertilize the egg. Secretions also help the sperm live for several (up to 5) days in the woman’s reproductive tract. This method also helps in detecting irregular periods. Without secretions, the sperm cannot survive in the vagina and therefore cannot fertilize the ovum.

When a woman uses the TwoDay Method, she asks herself each day:

  1. Did I have secretions today?
  2. Did I have secretions yesterday?If she answers YES to either of these questions, she considers herself fertile today. If she has her period or has seen NO secretions TODAY or YESTERDAY, she is not likely to become pregnant

Quick Facts

  • 96% effective with correct use, and 86% with typical use.
  • Women with cycles of any length can use this method.
  • A woman can start using it at any point in her cycle.
  • Teaches a woman about her cycle and her fertility.
  • Natural and causes no side effects.
  • Easy to teach and to learn.
  • Requires no supplies or cost.
  • Is easiest to use with the 2Day natural family planning app for iPhone.